Wednesday, 17 August, 2011

Today I believe Gandhiji….

I had never seen Gandhiji. In fact I was born many years after his shameful murder. Maybe that is the reason I never understood the power of Non-violence and Satyagraha. Though India, as history says attained freedom because of Gandhiji, his Satyagraha and non-violence methods I could not believe.

Today, I understand the power of non-violence. This man Anna Hazare, who has come as a savior of our country has proved the power. Today, I understand why the English left this country. Today, I really understand Gandhiji.

This simple retired soldier was in the Army, to defend his country from the enemies outside of his country. When in the Army, he smoked, he had his peg of rum and used the gun to defend his country. Reading a book of Vivekananda transformed him. He understood the meaning of life, the joy of working for the people and the power of non-violence. He changed his village from a barren land to a thriving productive village. He realized that there are more and deadly enemies of his country, within his country. But to eradicate the enemy within, he knew guns would not work. So the soldier in him transformed him to a Satyagrahi soldier, keeping the fighting spirit of a soldier intact, and leading the country against the deadly virus namely corruption. God has given a second Gandhi to this great country. I am fortunate, so are our country men and even the people of the world to witness history in making. Anna has arrived!!!!


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