Tuesday, 10 April, 2007

Please….. Respect and Have High Regards for our Teachers & Professors

My heart goes out to the teachers and professors of today. They are the ones who make our destinies. They are the ones who are the lowest paid vis-à-vis their qualifications. They are the ones who are deeply concerned in nurturing us. The thing what makes them contented & happy is when they see their students doing well. Who ever has gone back to his college or school to meet their teachers and professors, I am sure, must have seen the sparkle in the eyes of their Gurus. The gleam in their eyes can not hide the message of love for you. I have experienced it and the picture of the first day when I went back to my school after 10 odd years of leaving my school is still fresh in my mind. I can not, ever forget that day because love was gushing out of all my ex-teachers. They were so thrilled to see me. I was their student….so what if I was not brilliant….I was their student. They had umpteen questions. What was I doing? Where is Krishna Kumar? What is he doing? Did you meet him? Oh gosh! they remembered every student’s name of my class. I unfortunately never had an opportunity to go to a college as I joined the forces immediately after my schooling. But I know from my friends who went through colleges that the same feeling existed with their professors too.

Times have changed. Politics have entered the colleges. Respect and love for the teachers & professors is on a sharp decline. While the teachers & professors want to groom us, discipline us and make our lives, the students are not interested. We have heard and seen Professor Sabharwal’s case where the students of a college in Indore beat him to death. We have seen and heard the case in one of the colleges where the teachers wanted children not to get their mobiles and how the school was ransacked. There are many such reported and unreported incidents on the rise. This is sad.

All in all, there is deterioration in the school and college discipline. We Indians are considered to be cultured and respectful; carrying the treasure of our ancestral values. And here we treat our teachers and professors in the ugliest way. Goondaism has crept in and has burrowed deep into the lives of students. Why are the students being misguided? It is this age that moulds the future of citizens of India. If the student is moulded in the right direction, then only can we have a great India tomorrow. It is unfortunate that the political class of this country is bent upon making them goondas to strengthen their muscle power and eventually the votes.

I felt ashamed being an Indian when I saw the way Professor Sabharwal was being heckled by the ABVP activists on Television. He was murdered by these so called students. And to top it, the reaction by the police and administration was even more appalling. It was only because of the media that these goons were finally arrested. But, I feel that this case is now slipping out and the families of the professor are not going to get justice as all the witnesses have gone hostile.

Why have the witnesses gone hostile? Why is the administration not doing its job? Why are we polluting the mind of our students? Why don’t we respect our teachers and professors? Why don’t we let our teachers and professors do the best at what they are…groom our budding generation to be good citizens of tomorrow?

If the perpetrators of crime are let free, it will be the beginning of an end to Indian education and culture. It will be an encouragement for the goons to rule this country and that day will not be far off when we find the seats of Chief Minister and the Prime Minister occupied by goondas.I request the administration, judiciary and the political structure of India to wake up immediately. Let not the Ravans (Devils of our society) take over the reins of our country. Tomorrow will be too late. Trample these devils and perpetrators of crime with a firm foot.

We have to get our education system in the right direction. Unless the teachers and professors are allowed to do their job fearlessly, this will not be possible. The students must be taught to respect their teachers & professors. Politics must be kept away and indiscipline should not be tolerated. It is an earnest request to give independence and support to the administration of schools & colleges, so that they nurture their students for a better tomorrow. Let our age old Guru-Shishya relationship be rekindled. Please….

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