Thursday, 26 April, 2007

The Old Politicians must Retire and give way to Youngsters

I have been delighted by a sudden turn of events taking place in India…Should I call it the changing face towards a cleaner phase as far as the policing department and judiciary is concerned. The arrest of BJP MP Babubhai Katara in the human trafficking case, arrest of three senior IPS officers for fake encounters and standing up of the judiciary against the government’s blatant fixing of quotas for IIMs are but to a name a few. The human trafficking case and the arrest of senior IPS officers are set to open a Pandora’s Box on corruption and police-politician nexus. Why should one be delighted when we hear that politicians and police are involved in such crimes? The fact is that we knew that there are many such corrupt politicians and police officers. Because we knew that the system was thick of dirt. There are too many tainted men out there controlling the system. The delight is because they are now being exposed and a firm baton of law is ringing on their heads. The way the UP polls are going on without any booth capturing is another matter of delight. The election commission is slowly and steadily trying its best to cleanse the source of this dirt. What we need now is acceleration. We need the people in authority to pin these hooligans who wear a mask of nation builders & regulators to be punished as quickly as possible. Let there be no delay.

That was the good part. Now the bad one. Why do we have old and mindless politicians on important chairs of our nation? I think the old must give way to the young. The youngsters are educationally better off, agile, mature, outgoing, thinking and who have a better mind. The old have to understand that they are biologically half-dead in every department. These old leaders, who can’t even walk, decide the future of our country. Unfortunately the dead and weary cells of their brain are not visible to the naked eye. These old men who decide the future of our nation get carried away and want to stick to the helm, because of the respect what the younger Indian generation gives, which is a part of our Indian culture. I beg the old to give way for the young and stop clinging to those very important chairs. These poor chairs only face the farts of these oldies and am sure must be crying and looking to seat those thousands of capable young, intelligent and agile Indians who are in the waiting. Waiting! ….waiting to get old and useless…Well that is the qualification in vogue to have a seat in those very important chairs

Look what’s happening! The NCERT has to change the syllabus every year. They can never formulate one in time. Who faces the brunt? The poor children…the foundation of the future of India. The new books will only be available when half of the academic session is completed. Now the IIMs!…What’s happening? Why is a great institution being tinkered? Take the case of farmers and farm lands. Why are these very important sources of food being neglected? Yes we had a green revolution some years ago. Why is it being colored red? The government seriously needs to understand the importance of fertile land, the farmers and the environment. Tomorrow will be too late. When food becomes scarce….there will be no nuclear reactors, no IT parks and no India poised. We must ensure that we have a rich and happy farmer. And design tools to mould farming as a lucrative occupation.

The middle class has been slowly and steadily increasing. Thanks to the growing industry. We will soon have a lower middle class, a mid-level middle class and an upper middle class. While the upper middle class is not much affected by inflation and rising rates of interest, because he is in a position to balance his earnings proportionally, but not the mid-level and the lower middle class, who is generally the salaried class. It was the case of farmers committing suicide. Soon stories of suicides from these classes will also be a common news unless the interest rates and tax burden is reduced. These are the two classes who pay their taxes correctly. And these are the classes whose necks are being noosed. Tomorrow will be too late when we are going to have defaults in payments and news of more suicides or pushing this class towards corruption.

Can we have a younger, dynamic, agile and learned intelligentsia occupying those very important chairs that decide the destiny of our country?

Can we have the older generation retiring gracefully and being remembered for their good deeds done when they were young and in their peak performance?


At Thursday, 07 June, 2007 , Blogger Sajid Azmi said...

Pankaj I totally agree. Its time for the youth of India to get into the midst of reforms.

At Thursday, 20 March, 2008 , Blogger shiva said...

u did very well............and keep it in future.

At Tuesday, 22 April, 2008 , Blogger MitraD said...

I couldn't agree post placard says it aptly...asking the oldies to retire.

I liked your blog and am adding you to my blogroll. Hope that;s ok. Would appreciate if you linkback.


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