Wednesday, 7 March, 2007

Media and its Responsibilities

The media in general has been a great mover in exposing corruption and hooliganism in our system. However it has also been an encouraging factor for the men treading the darker path. We have seen life stories of the dons being displayed on news channels and interviews being given by them. We are making them heroes. Yes, the TRP ratings is the issue. But the media must realise that they are doing a dis-service to their country by airing such content. You are making them idols. How do you otherwise explain that goons are elected as representatives. It is very important for the media to be responsible and aim their coverage in the best interest of the society and the country.

Tehelka had started with the sting operations in India. I salute Mr. Tarun Tejpal and his team
for the guts they showed through out the expose and the turbulent period later. This sting operation has been carried forward by certain channels. Contribution of the media in the conviction of the accused in the Jessica Lal case is examplary. There are many more instances where the contribution of the media has led to action by the Government and the authorities. However the media could have done much better. We need to have many more people like Tarun Tejpal, Barkha Dutt, Shankar Sharma, Ms Sagarika Ghouse...; We need to stop glorifying the Dons; We need to stop having long drawn programs on the movie stars; We need to talk about the real heroes who make this nation; We need more expose of corruption...Not only expose, but a media which sticks like a leach on the expose, till the culprits are convicted.

Dear friends, let us choose the best of journalists (Five) on this sixtieth year of our independence. I would request you all to comment on this article and suggest your nominations for the best journalist (Maximum 5) marking them out of 10. Please give reasons to substantiate the markings. On 15th July let us consolidate the names and publish the names. We will have another round of voting and then let us announce the winner of our polls on the Independence day. Your comments on the process of selection and nominations are also welcome.

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At Sunday, 18 March, 2007 , Blogger Indiaaa said...

Irresponsible Media

Has anyone watched the news on Aaj Tak channel post Team India's defeat to Bangladesh in World Cup? They label the Indian Team as "Phissadi Team". Blame each and every member for the defeat and portray the defeat as though we have lost a war with Bangladesh, and those who played the game as traitors. The resulting reaction around the country by few hooligans is worse. They burn effigys of players and rampage their houses. It is not only Aaj Tak, but also Zee News.

This is sad. Is this the sign of a developing and mature country? India is said to be a country that is poised. We have in us to be the best in the world…or slide down to a point of no return. Why can't the news channels give prominence to other news in India and around the world? Hours of debate and discussions on the World cup, on these channels, started more than a month back. They have created an unnecessary hype. Are news channels meant to do this? They only do this to gain their TRP ratings. It’s a cheap....very Cheap way of doing it.

My request to these channels is to talk about issues that are road blocks in building our country, expose corruption, bring to light the poverty of our country, discuss issues on making our country great. The aim of all channels must be “To be instruments in steering our country to a path of peace and prosperity”. It is sad that, barring a few channels, who realise their journalist principles, many of the channels like Aaj Tak and Zee News are drifting towards cheap popularity and causing a harm to this country.

How can these channels be reined from being roadblocks in the development of this country? How can we give sense to them?


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