Monday, 12 March, 2007

E-Governance can be one of the movers

I was surfing the web looking out for groups concerned about the development of our country and came across this group . It has eminent and thinking personalities as members. The vision of this group is to discuss issues related to the Government's vision to make "All Government services accessible to the common man in his locality through a One-stop-shop (integrated service delivery) ensuring convenience, efficiency, transparency & reliability ".

This interesting and a good Indian think tank group was founded in Jan 2003, and after 4 years, there are only 1274 members. Yes, they filter group membership, but the filteration must be done for those people not interested to speak on the subject. The point I am trying to make is that, with almost 100 million netizens in India, the figure seems to be very meagre. We do not have the time to discuss such important topics. We must voice our thoughts and contribute in the development of our country. "Our Little drops of contribution can make a mighty India". I would request my friends to be members of such groups and contribute. Similarly, I haven’t seen any comments here. I have been getting emails though telling me that they liked it, good job.... etc etc. But I need encouragement friends through your comments and suggestions on this blog.

Coming back to the topic of E-governance... E-governance, I think can go a long way in accelerating our actions and taking appropriate decisions. With transparency associated with it, this is a big tool to reduce corruption. The implementation is the problem. True, changes are difficult to be accepted by Govt. bodies. But changes are also easier if we have a good and willing leadership. E-Governance has changed Hyderabad, railways and air-travel. Those business houses that have implemented have prospered. This was only possible because the leadership associated knew the importance and benefits and most importantly there was a strong action oriented will power. I think this is one of the greatest tools that can lever India to the top position in the world. For this, we must as fast as possible ensure positioning of the required infrastructure, train both the leadership and manpower in earnest, and set a target for implementation in every organisation.

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