Wednesday, 24 August, 2011

Shame on the Parliamentarians of India

India is plagued with corruption. We have 782 Members of Parliament who are supposed to represent the people of India. But the majority of these 782 MPs are crocodiles shedding crocodile tears unconcerned of the genuine demands of the people. The people who have voted them, today, feel angered and dejected. One selfless crusader against corruption questions the issue of corruption, begs of a Jan Lokpal Bill, fasts for the rights of the people and wakes up the people of India to fight against it. People all around India come out in large numbers & the globe in support of Anna and his Jan Lokpal Bill. The politicians superficially show that they are concerned of the corruption. They show that they are concerned about Anna's health. But as a common man I feel that none of these so called representatives really care a hoot. For them getting elected means thay are the masters and the people their slaves. It is arrogance of the highest order. Anna the people's man, the sacrificer for the sake of the common man is arrested and humiliated by the government. It's the British raj once again minus the colour of the 782.
"Sonia Gandhi is closely watching from her bed in US". "The PM is very concerned and written a letter to Anna". "Rahul Gandhi is deeply concerned". "Yashwant Sinha is very angry with his party". "BJP lambasts the Govt." These are the headlines of the hour. But these are just words to fool the people of this country. Every minute, Every hour is costly. Anna's health is fading. God forbid if anything happens to Anna, there will be mayhem. I am afraid the anger of the people will engulf this country to a situation like Libya. Thank God Anna has restrained the people of this country from following the violent path. But the anger & passions are very high. Every common Indian man has understood the genetic construction of the politicians. They see through the real intentions of these politicians. I hope the Government and the opposition foresees the danger beyond and gets out of their cocoons. For if anything happens to Anna, I am afraid every politician will be dragged out and God knows what will happen.
Politicians of India wake up and understand the pulse of the people!!!!

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